Are you interested in elevating your team to exceptional and leading more?

If you lead a team and thought about how they can be their best, where you lead instead of manage, or help them achieve more, I can help.


Your team’s success is your success

If your team can’t reach goals, neither can you. That’s a lot of pressure.

You probably worry about it.

Do you ever feel drawn into doing their work, or helping them solve small problems that they should be doing themselves?  

Has your job become one of managing the details of your team, micromanaging their actions, ensuring they are working well?  

If you feel your team isn’t working or feeling their best, or if you’ve ever felt frustration as a manager, then I am happy you found me.

This is the problem I solve.  

Your team can do more

Teams should deliver more together. The whole should be more than the sum of the parts. Often, it isn’t

often, the whole is less.
There is a cost to not tackling team engagement. If the team, and you, don’t accomplish goals you face the possibility of being boxed in, typecast, disregarded or worse.

That isn’t rewarding.

Also managers often feel they aren’t leading, they feel stuck in the minutiae of the day-to-day. They manage a revolving door of gripes and concerns instead of real ideas and real problems to solve.

Every day, stuck in the same loop.

What most people do when facing low engagement, productivity and retention is believe this is just the way it is, and continue to be in an endless cycle of reactivity and band-aid solutions.

However, this is risky, even if you’re able to maintain the status quo, your team risks facing an issue that derails even the most modest of efforts.

When you lead

Your team is able to develop skills and have the opportunity to observe themselves conquering obstacles and mastering their environments.

This is how they become more confident, resilient, able to handle things on their own.

Teams feel activated, in sync, getting things done, are happier and more productive.

They look goals dead in the eye.

I’ve been there

I’ve experienced the effects of low engagement and teams suffering from:

  • A lack of innovation.

  • The loss of good people.

  • An inability to meet business goals.

  • Constant friction and bottlenecks

While this was happening in my professional life, I was busy studying practical philosophy and how to use philosophy to live better.

I learned through this:

That people are people and they have been people for a very long time.

All of the workplace challenges and struggles make us lose connection with the people part of the equation. Simple, profound, real people management techniques based on philosophical practices, that people have been using for centuries, can change the game completely.  

I implemented some of these practices and saw an amazing transformation in myself and my team:

  • Reduced anxiety (in the team and the leadership!)

  • Quicker, more thoughtful decisions.

  • More ideas and more powerful ideas.

  • Stronger leadership and self-leadership skills.

  • Improved listening, comprehension and information retention.

  • Increased energy or perspective.

You can lead confidently knowing they can lead themselves.

This is something I discovered when I started incorporating organizational change and philosophy.

This is how my approach has helped others:

I recently partnered with Cristina on an in-depth employer brand project. While data has its place, the project required a very personal touch by someone who understands the fine art of listening. Her attention to detail on a philosophical level brought perspective to a complicated set of opportunities deeply rooted in expectations of employee experience. Her thinking and strategic positioning always challenged us to consider the Human Factor in unexpected ways. Her professional, insightful, and warm approach to the culture of business is what is sorely needed to balance the future of workplace engagement.
— Jared Bruder, Founder, The Dandy Group
Cristina’s insights into how teams work and how managers can engage their teams effectively are very powerful. I love that her work is based on timeless philosophy and the human experience, this isn’t an app but rather real, time tested, strategies that help teams work better together. I love the engagement, that feeling of flow and the performance that her work delivers.
— Jeff Loehr, CMO, Red Sapiens
Cristina’s compassion, optimism, and practical advice was always a breath of fresh air and truly made an impact when navigating mental roadblocks and outlining the desired path forward.
— Brianna Sykes, Project Manager

Now, it is your turn.

My program, “Wisdom At Work” is the core of what I have learned to unlock:

• higher quality thinking on your team

• better quality of action from your team

• purpose and drive in your team

And I am making it available to you at NO COST.  

Here’s what’s included:

  1. An introduction to how and why philosophy is an effective method for achievement in addition to an overview of the program

  2. Over the course of 6 weeks, you receive six curated techniques sent weekly via email that you apply at work and with your team

  3. In addition to the techniques, you will get additional emails with anecdotes and more information to support your work through this

  4. Worksheets that you can use every week to document your observations

  5. Personal guidance every step of the way - which includes a free strategy session with me and free weekly sessions with me to help you go deeper

  6. All I am asking is give this a try. If, after 6 weeks you are not happy, I will refund every penny!  

  7. I realize this is sort of an empty promise given the entire program is FREE ALREADY.  

You’re probably asking, so why are you giving this away?

I’m doing this because I had the experience of how practical philosophy changed the way I viewed and contributed to work in a positive way - how it kept me from sleepless nights, how it helped me think more innovatively, how it helped me have better more meaningful relationships and connections at work.

I believe everyone should have access to this knowledge and have a chance to have a happy and productive working life.

I would love for you to hire me to do more in depth work. But since we don’t know each other very well, I want you to get to know my work first.  

That’s it.  

This was the best way I knew how to introduce you to what I do and my passion for philosophy in the workplace.

I’m just happy people are open to being exposed to these ideas.

So really, what do you have to lose?

You can stay in the way you have been doing things, and you know what that looks like - tomorrow will be a lot like yesterday.

Or try something new - and maybe find a new world of leadership, performance, and connection.

Ready to get started?

Here is what to do now, sign up below to get the introductory e-book and opt-in to the program. After you’ve received the e-book keep an eye out for more emails from me.

I truly look forward to working with you.

Cristina DiGiacomo

Founder | MorAlchemy