Does restless busyness make work harder?

Wiser at work

mind in overdrive

That’s how I felt at The New York Times when I was a manager. I was hamster-wheeling, scattered, over-thinking, worried what people thought of me, put a lot of pressure on myself, and believed not having time to breathe was a sign I was succeeding. It was restless busyness.

My ability to think creatively, act collaboratively, and be efficient was suffering. Because…

My mind was getting in the way.

The day to day stress and tension, worrying about what’s next, feeling you’re in an uphill battle, not knowing why you’re exhausted is because your mind is in overdrive. You want to achieve, feel content, have more control, be in a flow.

Yet everything feels irritating, difficult or hard to reach.

An end to the mental grind

What if there were a way that taught you how to take a step back, get some mental space, have higher quality thoughts and gain more energy? A way that enabled things to roll off your back, help you focus, reduce stress, give you healthy momentum, make better decisions, and feel happy?

Where work feels effortless?

I applied that way at The New York Times and experienced all those things, and more (see below a happy ending to the story!).

Which I’m happy to teach you!

Welcome to Wiser At Work™.

Wisdom is your secret weapon for working effortlessly. However…

Being wise is innate, acting wise is a skill.
— Cristina DiGiacomo

From stress to YES!

Wisdom helped me get out of my head and generate the big idea (and confidence) to develop, pitch, and start the brand strategy department at The New York Times. That department started a shift within the company that eventually led to the creation of the “Truth” campaign.

That campaign helped the Times achieve over 2 million new digital subscribers and share the world’s most powerful stories.

I went from stress case to starting something meaningful.

I believe you can too.

In one afternoon, you will learn the exact same teachings I applied to my issues and dilemmas I faced at work. That helped me transcend challenges and leap beyond what I thought was possible for me, my team, and my organization.

A workshop that will transform your working life.


From restless to effortless.

In one afternoon.

find focus by taming the overdrive

Over the course of an afternoon in a beautiful grand salon space (see photos) we will do exercises, activities and dive into passages and practices based on time-tested wisdom. You will:

  1. Learn how a famous allegory helps how you view change at work, so you manage it more easily.

  2. Learn an exercise that will help you be more aware, so you focus on what’s really important.

  3. Learn two practices that will guide your business decisions, so you start moving in the right direction.

Lunch will be catered by Balthazar’s or Eataly.

The program is limited to 10 people so as to maximize your learning and experience.

your tutor


As an industrial philosopher™, I take philosophy, turn it into practice, and deliver progress. By combining 20 years of management experience, 8 years of practice in Philosophy and a Masters in Organizational Change Management, I teach programs that enable professional development and help organizations move forward. I have communications and strategy experience in start-up and corporate environments and worked for award-winning and iconic companies such as Citigroup, AMC Networks, The New York Times, R/GA, Deep Focus, and RAPP. I am currently the Vice President of the Organization Development Network of New York and a member of the Society for Human Resources and The Association for Talent Development.


what people have to say

This is an expansive workshop.
— Keith Torgan, Founder, BEING Onstage
Cristina’s insights into how teams work and how managers can engage their teams effectively are very powerful. Her work is based on timeless philosophy and the human experience, this isn’t an app but rather real, time tested strategies that help teams work better together. I love the engagement and the performance that her work delivers.
— Jeff Loehr, CMO, Red Sapiens
I see this having many many applications to the sales process and marketing, very clearly. In everything we do.
— Jason Myers, CMO, Matrix Management Institute
This is one of the rare workshops that bring art and science together. I love the blending, the bringing in of historical perspectives of people who have done this work for a really long time and using it for today’s world. Taking from really amazing people and body’s of work in the past and applying it in the world today, loved it.
— Raya Rahbari, Organizational Psychologist
All of the content really resonated with me. I found the allegory in particular, really mirrored my experience of working in an organization, and I think it would have been really helpful during my last corporate job.
— Rick Sanford, Organization Development Consultant
This is really useful as something to lay over situations and what are the steps to give you the ability to map out a solution.
— Barbara Siesel, Co-Founder, Curriculive



What does it mean for you to learn something that will serve you, without fail, throughout the lifetime of your career?